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“I love that your CPD is so accessible and friendly. Thank you."
“I've LOVED the webinars, they are amazing! Your way of getting information across is brilliant and I am learning so much!"
“Exactly what I expected. Concise and precise information."
“Nice topics. Not too basic or advance. Easy to understand and very helpful for newly graduate vet like me."
“Absolutely loved the session, you explain everything so well and clear."
Burty's Boutique Bits and Bobs
"Thank you for your lovely product and service. Even had a little personal note inside to say thanks for the purchase. The personal touches go along way so thank you. Highly recommend."
"Beautiful item. As described. Packaged wonderfully! Thank you."
"Fabulous shop and owner!! Thanks!"
Poster Guides
“Perfect! Just what I was looking for, now up in theatre as a quick reference guide!”
“Super helpful flow chart to have on hand!”
“Super great resources! I’m an SVN and capnography is something I couldn’t get my head around and these have been brilliant. Thank you!”
“Fabulous product, at a reasonable price. Will definitely be buying again.”
“This is a perfect guide and just what I was looking for... it is so handy! Love that there is a colour choice and the sheets are laminated so they will stay pristine and can be easily cleaned. Such a time saver too being able to source an easy to understand guide that we can all refer to. Fair price. Very pleased with this purchase!”
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