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Capnography and Hypotension Poster Guide Double-Pack

Capnography and Hypotension Poster Guide Double-Pack

SKU: 001003

Capnography and managing hypotension can be daunting, different numbers, different traces, different treatment options- this bumper pack will talk you through both Capnography and Managing Hypotension under general anaesthesia.

These handy guides will help reduce the stress when starting to use capnography- or work as a good refresher if you’ve not had the joy of capnography for a while.

Included is: 4 posters, A4 in size each, one pair on Capnography which includes all of the most common traces you may experience and another talking you through how to troubleshoot your capnograph!

Another pair on managing hypotension, which includes an easy to follow flow chart to guide you through treatment of hypotension, as well as a trouble shooting guide.

These handy guides will help reduce the stress when treating hypotension and using your Capnograph. They are also the perfect support guides for veterinary students- both vets and nurses who are starting to learn more about anaesthesia, managing hypotension and capnography.

These guides come laminated and ready to pop up on your theatre/dental prep room wall- or added to your anaesthesia folder!


There are 6 colours to choose from and all font used is dyslexia friendly- all ink used is in black Both guides have been reviewed by Veterinary Anaesthesia Specialists.


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